Monday, February 12, 2007

Hiking in November

OK, so we went hiking over Thanksgiving. Let's just say it was cold... Ditka preferred to stay in the tent. He got pretty cold. But isn't he cute all snuggled up in blankets? Hobbes and Athena loved wearing their doggie back packs... they got to run all over the place. What goofballs.

We went to a place called "The Homestead" in Roosevelt National Forest. It was a homestead set up in the 1860's adn completely abandoned by the 1960's. Some of the original homes are still there, as well as old tools, implements and mmm.... outhouses. We even found this remnant of a truck. It's a really cool site, and kind of an interesting look into the lives of pioneers. I imagine the winters were COLD and the Homestead was pretty isolated from Lyons, which isn't far away, but it isn't an easy passage to town.

Anyhow, that's how we spent Thanksgiving weekend. Hey, we moved all the way out here, we might as well take advantage!