Monday, February 26, 2007

The house we aren't going to buy

OK, we finally started house hunting. And we fell in LOVE with this house. I mean, just look at that kitchen!! (Click the link on the title of this post, and it'll take you to the MLS listing for the house. Sigh)

But we had to walk away. It was way up in the mountains on a narrow mining claim. The land is COMPLETELY unfarmable... not even space for me to squeeze in a small greenhouse, nonetheless any chickens or cows. We would also HAVE to buy a new car, because the jetta could never make it up the mountain. I imagine on a bad day, we'd be snowed in pretty quickly in this house, which would make it hard to go to work... it's WAY up the mountain! It's going to be a beautiful home for someone. Just not for us. Who ever lives there now did a great job updating the home.