Monday, February 12, 2007

Weld County Snow Removal

They came today to plow our roads! You know, it took them 2 MONTHS - *2* months to show up and clear our streets. OH, wait, they still missed our street... here it is. Can you believe we've been driving in this for 2 months? And this is after a LOT of it has melted. Fabulous.

But wait, they did plow our cross street. CHECK this out... This is what they consider snow removal? (Larry and I will be getting a truck next winter with a plow attachment on the front, BELIEVE ME, I'm not putting up with this crap anymore!) Seriously, they piled all the SNOW in the middle of the street. It's ridiculous...

But then again, it must be hard to clear snow when you aren't using a plow... instead you are using a ROAD GRADER and a BULL DOZER! But before they remove the snow on our streets, they first had to make sure the grader and the dozer had a safe place to park. They don't plow our streets, but this is the 3rd time they have plowed the "park". This is an open space park across the street, we let the dogs play there. They have sufficiently scraped away ANY discernible plant life that once resided there, making it a bare, muddy mess. That's going to be fun in the spring. THANKS WELD COUNTY!!