Monday, March 5, 2007

The House Search Continues

Yes, we went looking at more houses this weekend. We are certainly making our agent work hard for us. But he's a great guy, a fellow rugby ref, so we know he has tough skin!

we got away from the mountains this weekend, and headed a bit further north, to a town called Berthoud. It certainly had farm land, but not very many trees. Which is normal for this area... it's strikingly devoid of trees. That's due to altitude and the dryness. It's hard to support trees down in the plains, where there isn't as much water. But we looked at real farm properties this time. Well, the ones that are still on our potential list are real farms... some already had cows and chickens on them. Plots from 5 acres all the way up to 35 acres. We have a lot of decisions to make and a lot of talking to do, and hopefully some more properties to see. So who knows what will come of all of this... But the hunt continues...