Thursday, March 29, 2007

Snow in March

AH!! It feels like home! I was going to write a post about how warm February was here. I mean, I was out riding my bike in February in the warm Colorado sun... seemed like ages since our street was covered in inches of snow for MONTHS.. the sun has melted it all away, and everything is turning green. Heck, I hung up my warm coats and don't even need them. I've even been getting sunburns on the weekend and my freckles are all out to play because it's been so warm.

But this morning... I woke Larry up and said "you may want to take the car today, it snowed!" Inches of snow covered the Jetta. Where did that come from? HA HA HA!! I knew the early spring out here was too good to be true, even for Sunny Colorado!

BTW - I was doing some research for my Greenhouse class - and the average rainfall in Loveland Colorado is something like 20 inches per year, with 57 inches of snow fall a year. And the average number of rainy days is 36.6 days... that proves it... 90% sunshine in Colorado! So when are ya'll coming to visit??

Speaking of visits... we might be putting on offer on a house real soon, so STAY TUNED!!