Monday, May 28, 2007

Pelicans in the Park

We discovered pelicans in our open space park. Usually, there are a ton of them, but of course, when I bring my camera, there's only one. And I have to admit, I thought Pelicans were sea birds... so I was surprised to see them in a crappy little reservoir in Colorado... But apparently, they do fresh water, too... as long as there are fish for the to eat, and we have plenty of that here.

I have to admit, the first time I saw them, like a dozen of them, I thought they were swans. As I got closer, I realized those were some pretty big swans! Then I thought they were sort of ugly...until I realized that they were pelicans!! Here's a picture to give you some perspective on their size (they are so big!) This guy is swimming after this duck. And this is a normal sized duck, like a mallard size...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

One more week...

Tick tock tick tock tick tock

Monday, May 21, 2007

Less than 2 weeks... getting closer

We've got the moving company lined up, the utilities set to turn on (that is, if they can find the house, which seems to be a problem) and we are READY TO ROLL!

The above is an aerial view of the house. Our's is sort of in the middle. You can see the fence boundaries of the land, and our land moves out toward the west. Just north of us is our neighbor Kirsten, who has 2 horses (one is about to foal), I think 2 miniature horses, they just got a lamb, have a few chickens, and they have a really big dog that I can't wait to meet!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Countdown Has Begun!

15 days until we are homeowners once again! And this time it is OUR house... instead of us owning our own respective houses. Wait, hold on... it's our FARM! I couldn't be more excited! 6 acres all to ourselves... the dogs are going to love it.

But we are in for a treat. This really is going to be small town living. Every time we drive down the street, people smile and wave at us, and we don't even live there yet! I met an engineering student from CSU (who is spending the summer at DaimlerChrysler/Chrysler) who said many of her family members are our neighbors. She said we'll love it... but that if we like to go jogging or walking, don't be surprised if people often stop and ask us if we need a ride.

But yeah, I have been trying to get utilities set up out here. I have to pick my own trash pick up company. Interesting... That was a nice thing about Berkley... they handled that for me, a la property taxes.

But Larry and I can get off our lazy duffs... there's NO cable TV. Only satellite, which I hate. So I'll be watching more PBS. There's no Cable internet either... so if we want internet at home, we have to get a land line again, so I'll have to pay for DSL AND a home phone line. Sigh. Not sure I can live without the internet at home. I'll have to think about that.

We are moving to a small town, and maybe Laura's relatives DO make up a large portion of it! Berthoud has a population of 4,850, and my old home town, Berkley has a population of 15,550. (apparently B's are good for me... we left Bacon street in Berkley, to move to Bothun Street, in Berthoud.) And you might think Berkley is small compared to Royal Oak or Southfield. I think Berthoud is LARGER in acreage than Berkley, but that's because it is still highly agrarian - which is why we moved there: for the LAND!