Monday, June 25, 2007

2 Week Old Chickens!

Larry the Chicken Farmer!

So this is what the chickens look like at about 2 weeks. They are growing SO fast! Below is a picture of them the day we got them, when they were only one DAY old. Look at how much they have changed! You will notice that the white chickens have grown SO much larger than the red hens. But that's to be expected.


So, Larry keeps telling me that these aren't pets and they aren't stuffed animals. FINE, I know... And while I know the white chickens will be dinner on a plate in a month or so, the red hens are egg layers and they may be around for a while. So while I'm not supposed to get attached, I can't help it. I spend time with these guys every day, and they are making me some of the best compost I could ever want. Can't I show them some love and appreciation? I have named 4 of the red hens so far. Stripey, Skunky and Blondie are so named by their heads. Stripey has a big black stripe. Skunky has a lesser black stripe. Blondie has a really pale yellow head. These three may get lost when they grow their feathers and I can't see the markings anymore. But SUSIE - now she's a bird I can always find. Susie is in the picture above. I can find her because she is VERY small compared to ALL of the chickens. The white chickens above are just towering over her. SO maybe I know how she feels. Anyhow, she's real sweet, even perched on my shoulder one day. So I always watch out for Susie when I am in the pen.

This is Tweety. I'm not supposed to name the white ones, but Tweety is an exception. See, we thought Tweety might die a few nights back. Margaret and I noticed she didn't look so good, so I took her out of the pen to find a nice box to put her in. I didn't want her to die in the brooder and get trampled by the rest of the chickens. While I was walking her to the house, she started to speak up. She was making little noises and looking at me. SO I named her Tweety and gave her some sugar water to drink. She perked right up (and drank a lot of water!) I convinced Larry to give her a chance - that she needed some food and water and a chance to rest up. She seemed to have damaged her neck, and she couldn't compete for food and water with 99 other chickens. SO Larry made her a hospital pen with her own food and water. The next morning she was on her feet and making quite a ruckus! It seems little Tweety was that ONE white chicken that made all the noise! So she's been in the hospital pen for a few days now, healing up. She's not 100% and her head seems a bit crooked, but Larry told me he put her back with the rest of the chickens. I know she's just going to be dinner someday, but I am glad we gave her a chance. Yay for Tweety!