Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby Turkeys and Fat Chickens

We now have 17 baby turkeys! YUM, get ready for Thanksgiving! Aren't these guys cute? and SOOO little!

And our Broilers are getting FATTER by the day! Look at those pigs hogging all the food from the Reds! Dinner time is 5 weeks from now, and tomorrow they are going out to pasture! They can't wait to get out in the sunshine!
The reds are starting to perch on the ladder. And they are scratching a LOT. it'll be a bit before they start laying eggs, but they are prepping for it now.
This is Blondie. I named her that because her head is lighter than the others. Still trying to get a picture of Stripey and Skunkie... but those reds hardly sit still!