Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Here's Your Chance to VOTE! Help me choose!

OK, I got some bad news last week... I have a cavity. OK, some of you are thinking - so what? Well, I've never had one before. And if you know me, you know I am terrified of needles. Due to my propensity for seizures, I have always told dentists that if they had to do work, they had to gas me. The three times I had teeth removed when I was younger, they gave me gas to do it. Well, my new dentist doesn't have gas, so I have three options - and I'm going to let you vote on which I should choose!!

Option 1: Oral sedatives - I take a pill that knocks me out, they do their dealio, I wake up who knows when, with a filling in my mouth.

Option 2: Intravenous General Anesthesia - they stick a needle in my arm, I go sleepy sleepy, I wake up some time later with a filling in my mouth.

Option 3: Do it like everyone else does... get a needle stuck into my gums for a local anesthesia. I can't feel my mouth, but I am awake, and watching what is going on. (This is the least expensive, as our dental coverage doesn't cover the cost of the extra anesthesia, suckers!)

So what do you think? I did get hypno-therapy to get over my fear of needles, but I never thought I'd have a cavity in my whole life! Which option should I choose? Place your votes now!!