Monday, July 9, 2007

The chickens are not pets

So after our little incident last week... the other injured red chicken had died. She just gave up, even though I tried to help her, and she passed on her own. We haven't had any returns from the critter that did the damage, but it did kill 2 of our egg laying reds. The one with the amputated wing is doing well, but we are going to have to clean up the wound tonight just to help keep her healthy. She's still keeping Tweety company in the barn. The Turkeys have been let out of their little pen and are sharing a barn stall with Tweety and the wingless-one.

Our first attempt at slaughtering, dressing, and eating our home grown chickens came friday night. Larry decided the one with the torn up chest was most likely going to get an infection and really not be able to recover. We'd never be able to put her back out to pasture, so we thought we'd eat her.

I know, this is so very hard for most of you to handle. But remember, that the chicken you buy in the store is the very same chickens we are raising. They are killed, too. They are de-feathered, dressed, and processed and sent to the store. At least our little chicken got a hug and a pat on the head before the end was done. I decided to watch. I know it was his first, and it might have been horrid. But it wasn't Tweety... it was a nameless white chicken. Which is why Larry says they aren't pets and I am not to name them. Aside from Tweety, I won't be naming any more of the whites, that's for sure. So I helped. I held the chicken while Larry did what he did. I even helped pick a few feathers. I couldn't do the dressing, and I made Larry cook her. But we did eat her. And that was my first lesson in killing chickens, and a small glimpse at what lies ahead.I look forward to having food on the table, but I know that I will NOT name any more white chickens, and I will NOT name any of our turkeys. I also know that when time comes to process Tweety, I won't eat her, either.