Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friends in the Garden

There are things you don't want in your garden - rabbits eating your lettuce, aphids eating your tomatoes, beetles eating your cucumbers... and dogs stomping through your corn. And there are things you DO want in the garden. I have 2 of them.

Our turkeys get "field trips" on the weekend to hang out in the garden with me, while I pull weeds, pick lettuce, and make sure everything is growing well. The turkeys eat bugs and have a grand time.

The turkeys are great helpers in the garden. They actually tend to follow me around. Once I sit someplace and get to work pulling weeds, they run right over, and love to eat the bugs that I upturn when pulling weeds. One of them tried to eat my wedding ring. I don't think it tasted very good!

They wander about and check things out and generally all stay close together with each other. They don't like to be separated. Someday, when they get much much bigger, I might get them to come to the garden with me just by following me out there.

Here is one taking a dust bath in my garden. Well, I HAD some seeds planted there, but I think he dug them all up. He buried himself in the dirt and took a little nap.
Hobbes even snuck into the garden (bad dog!) and I kept squirting him with water to keep him away from the turkeys so he wouldn't chase them. But for a short time, he sat right next to me and contentedly kept his eye on them. As long as he wasn't chasing them, he could stay. Here is Hobbes checking out a little turkey and the turkey checking back. There were so many yummy bugs to eat, most of them didn't even notice Hobbes and just went back to eating bugs and peeping and roaming about.

My other garden friend was a surprise. I kept finding a hole in the middle of my lettuce patch. I assumed it was something burrowing from underground, like one of the many rabbits we have in the area. And then one day, I saw what was occupying the little hole.. and it wasn't a rabbit at all... but one of the large toads we see around the house. Dig away little toad, because I know he's eating lots of bugs too!