Sunday, July 15, 2007

The House / The Farm

OK, people keep asking for pictures of the house, instead of just pictures of chickens... so here are some for you!!
Sorry for the ghetto style boxes on the front porch. TOo lazy to move them. Note the flag on the front porch. Around here, people have to ask me what it stands for.
This is our backyard. And not only that, but a dog and a cat getting along? NO, not just any dog, it's DITKA and a cat! Everyone is happier out here!
Here is the barn and my garden beds. We're having fresh salad today!
This is what I see in the morning when I get up to water the garden. A pretty sunrise over the neighbor's pasture
OK, I couldn't help it. This is Huckleberry, the one month old foal that lives next door. He's starting to spend more time outside, but he and his mom are still separated from the rest of the horses while he figures out his feet... and that grass is yummy, and he should eat it.