Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's not all about farming...

We are taking advantage of Colorado!

This weekend we went Rock Climbing... Note to Kristin - don't wear orange shorts when people can ONLY take pictures of your butt... We went with Larry' friend Sonja, and had a pretty good time until it started to get hot. I did burn my hands a little! Next time we get up earlier! Because you know how much Larry loves to get up early!

This is Larry being a "rock" star

And now he has made it to the top! HELLLO UP THERE!

Here is Sonja making quite a climb...almost there... where's that next hand hold?

And I discover, hmm... maybe I'm not so good at this!

We were at Table Mesa in Golden... the home of Coors Brewery. And if anyone ever wonds why Larry and I prefer microbrewed beers... maybe it's because beer coming out of a place like that seems a lot less appealing...