Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Horse Visitors

OK, enough about eating chickens. I wanted to show you our horse visitors. Until we get our own sheep or cows, we are letting the neighbors use our pasture for their horses.

Margaret is the wonderful woman who used to own our home. She is currently living with our neighbors, and we are gladly letting her horses hang out on our pasture.This is Wiley. Wiley is Margaret's pony. He's a very nice horse. He's grown quite patient with Hobbes and Athena running about!

This is Angel, Picasso and Donny. These are Miniature horses. Picasso gave Grish a little kick in the knee... which has made Grish a little more appreciative of the horses. We are hoping he'll give Hobbes a nudge, too. We'd rather Hobbes learned his lesson from a mini, instead of being kicked by Wiley (or Eddie, the Palamino next door).

This is Starlight and Lazarus. Hobbes stood still for a few moments while Starlight gave him a sniff or two. These really are miniature horses! Hobbes is NOT standing on a mound... After this, Hobbes proceeded to run around behind Starlight, causing her to take off in a jog. Of course, when the horses run away from Hobbes, they are just trying to get away from him. He, of course, thinking they are just really large playmates, runs after them thinking this is a fun game. I usually have to call him in, as I don't think the minis like being chased!

OK, one chicken picture. These guys are a little older than 4 weeks now. aren't they fat little things? Piggies, too. I had just filled their feeder and they came running over before I was even done.