Saturday, July 28, 2007

Our Killer Attack Dogs

Well, we made it. It was a long, boring drive to the eastern edge of Missouri and back in one day. I lost a shoe, we hit a huge rainstorm in the last few hours on our way home. We ate a bunch of junk, had dogs poop in the car, slept as much as we could... but we came home with two pups. We've named them Atlas and Goliath... names they can grow into I guess. These are pure bred working Great Pyrenees. Some of the signs that they are of a working line, instead of a show line are that they have grey ears, and 2 dew claws (actually, Goliath has 3 dew claws!) They come from a long line of born and bred working pasture guardians. This is what they were born to do.

They are younger than we expected, and also VERY shy with people. I think they are really afraid of Larry, and they are starting to warm up to me. I've never had a dog take this long to feel safe around me! I don't think they were ever handled by people - I think they were living with their momma and their fellow pups. So everything is brand new to them... people, car rides, a new barn, a new pasture and HIGH ALTITUDE! I think I know how they feel!
Goliath and Atlas take a break under a tree at a rest stop somewhere in Missouri, or was it Iowa? Oh who knows...
Goliath having a pensive moment in the car.

Atlas asleep in the food bowl, while Goliath is wishing he would move so he can have a snack.