Monday, July 30, 2007

What a Weekend

OK, We're still tired from too much driving and not enough sleep this weekend, but things are still fun on the farm. Goliath has decided that we aren't such bad people, and even followed Larry out to the pasture this morning. They didn't stay long. Shortly after he left, they squiggled through the fence and headed back to the barn. Atlas, however, still thinks we're evil, and hides from us. I had to carry him out to the pasture this morning, or he never would have left his corner of the barn. We hope Goliath has a talk with him and explains that we're OK and that we are his new pack and everything is going to be good. They like sleeping in the hen house and chasing the chickens, fighting and playing with each other, and unfortunately, chewing on the electric fence (we don't have it turned on when they are around)

Hobbes, I swear, has discovered a tunnel or a cave underneath our pasture. Every morning, we think we lose him. We don't see a tail, bouncing ears, or even moving tall grass... nothing, no sign of dog. We can even walk the pasture with Grish and Athena and no sign of him. Next thing you know - there he is, bounding across the pasture. Wet and muddy, too. He found a new playground, we just can't see it. And apparently, when he's there, he can't hear us either. But he comes back eventually.

Yesterday, I took more turkeys to the garden to help me pull weeds. Larry helps me catch a few of them, and we put them in a crate and take them to the garden. Well, they hate being put in the crate. I hate carrying it, because it's scratchy and it's heavy with turkeys in it. I have to walk slow so I don't shake them up too much. So when I was done in the garden, I decided to try something... I wanted to see if the turkeys would follow me out to the pasture. It was slow going, but they did! I just had to stay within view, and answer their calls. They call to each other with a "peep peep peep" and when one would do that, I would respond the same. Everytime I peeped back, they'd come running in my direction. It was hilarious! By the time we made it about 20 feet from the fenced in area where all the birds are, they just sprinted "home", It was really the cutest thing! And so much easier than trying to fit them in a box! I'm going to try it again next weekend.