Monday, August 13, 2007

Fulfilling their destiny

Luke's destiny was to bring Balance to the Force. Neo's destiny was to be the ONE. They had big shoes to fill, grand foes to battle, and a population to save from opression and war. I don't have any idea what my destiny is, but I doubt it is anything grand. And I doubt I have fulfilled it. This weekend, 13 brave and honored chickens fulfilled THEIR destinies. There was no great showdown between good and evil. They just got to go to sleep.

The Wingless Wonder, Tweety, and the RoosterKing met a dignified end on Sunday under Larry's knife blade, along with 10 of their friends. It was chicken processing day. I tried to pet them all good bye, and treated them each with dignity and care. It was hard to do so many at once without getting upset. I only have 2 hands, and can only hold 2 at a time. I did get weepy at one point when Larry killed 4 at once, and I couldn't hold each of them. But surprisingly enough, I did OK the rest of the day. I plucked all 13 by hand, as we don't have our equipment yet. I was very careful with each of them. Larry did all the "processing". Once we get the plucker and scalder I'll have to do that too. It was a lot easier than I thought. But still...I will miss them when all of the whites are gone. They taste pretty good, but I will still miss them. But this was their destiny. This is why we took such good care of them. This was what they were here for. Now they get to be dinner.