Friday, August 17, 2007

Mid August Update


One small cucumber


Green Beens - they surprised me!


My carrots finally sprouted!

One Big Zucchini

And I have critters!
They turkeys are looking more turkey-like and starting to strut and fluff their feathers. At least the Toms are doing it, like this macho guy

Going on a pasture walk, Hobbes behaves around the horses

Goliath chews Larry's pant legs while walking.

And what do we see? A smile from Atlas? Good boy! You like the garden!
Now we can't forget our actual pets... it's not all about the farm. OK, well, it is, but these guys are still here too... helping us by keeping us company... Tonight, everyone found something to chew on. You are what you eat, right? So what does that make these guys?

Ditka finds a chunk of horse hoof to chew on

Grish chooses to eat a log. Not a stick. a LOG.

Athena has her favorite blue ball

Hobbes chews on a piece of particle board.

Schroed says "this farm makes me tired. Rub my belly"