Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rain Rain DON'T GO AWAY!

I wish I NEVER EVER sang that song when I was a kid! But blessing of all blessings, someone removed the large glass dome over Berthoud and allowed the rain to flow. And I thought it was going to go south of us once again.

Unlike the days of my childhood, teen years and 20s spent in the Midwest, where it can rain for days on end, and the storms are entire states wide... You can stand in your backyard and watch a rain storm develop in the foot hills, and blow north of you, south of you... and never hit you. You might even be standing in the sun while watching another town get blasted with rain.

Tonight, I took a walk around the pasture, as we try to do every night with the dogs. Goliath even joined us and made it the whole trip! Atlas chose to stay and keep vigil with the chickens. Anyhow, as we walked, there was lightning, dark skies, black clouds over head. I didn't even flinch. It never rains in Berthoud. By the time I got back to the barn, I stood and looked at the houses one street over, on the opposite side of the ditch... and listened to the rain pattering on their rooftops. Jealous, I took the pups into the barn for a brush down. And then, to my surprise, I saw drops in the arena... and then I heard them on the barn roof! I ran outside and danced in glory in the fabulous wetness! My garden is grateful, and for that, so am I.

Zucchini Blooms - can't wait for the fruit!
Cantaloupes also have small blooms forming. Yummy yummy!
My favorite cucumbers are also blooming! I know they will appreciate the rain.
My vertically challenged corn are really really trying to grow up! Come on! you can do it!