Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Snake in the Grass (and other creepy things)

Hobbes and I were just out to pasture with the pups feeding the chickens. On our walk back to the barn, something slithered between Hobbes paws, and he didn't even notice. It was a VERY small snake! Distinctly black and yellow, I just finished googling it... and it turns out it was just a Common Garter Snake. A very small one too, but here's a picture of a more full grown one:

The one I saw was no more than 8 inches long, and maybe half an inch in diameter. It sure wriggled quickly through the grass. STATUS: HARMLESS Sure, they may eat small birds, but they couldn't possibly handle on of our chickens. They are fodder for hawks, so they will either keep the hawks preoccupied, or encourage them to hang around our field, which IS dangerous to the chickens!

Since we are talking about creepy crawly things... we do have a creepy spider hanging about the house. There is one with a big web on our front porch that I am trying not to walk through. Of course, yesterday I walked through a web of one at our garage door, and last week, one built a web between the tree and the car - and not only did I walk through it, but I tossed the spider INSIDE the car, and you know what fun THAT was for me. This is a Banded Garden Spider.
They build very Charlotte's Web type webs - symmetrical and very perfect looking. Of course, if the one on the front porch starts spelling "SOME CHICKEN" in her web, I'll be quite disturbed! Anyhow, try as I may, I am still creeped out by spiders. But since we have a horrid house fly problem, I'm going to let them do their thing. Unless they land ON ME, I'm going to try to leave them alone. STATUS: HARMLESS. OK, they spin pretty webs and eat other bugs that I don't want around. JUST STAY OUT OF MY BEDROOM and we'll get along. I guess.