Monday, August 20, 2007

We have SHEEP

Meet our sheep!

These are our sheep! This is Laverne and Shirley. Laverne is in the front, looking rearward. Shirley is staring right at us! These girls are 50% Dorper, 50% Katahdin mixes. These are a special kind of sheep called HAIR sheep. That means, they grow hair, instead of wool, sort of. But instead of needing to be sheared, these gals drop their coats, kind of like a dog that sheds. We know all about shedding dogs! Anyhow, you can see Laverne still has a patch of scraggle on her back she hasn't dropped yet. These gals will be our breeding ewes, and they may very well be pregnant, and have lambs this winter. We'll just have to wait and see. Since they aren't so keen on us, I have a feeling an ultrasound is out of the question. They do let me pet them, and have a strong respect for the dogs - no matter what dog, they want nothing to do with them. Thankfully, when scared, they head straight for the barn, so bringing them in at night is a breeze. They are really pretty, and I hope they warm up to us a bit. I really like them, and am glad they are part of our ever growing menagerie.

Oh wait... we are shrinking in numbers. We are down to about 20 broilers that need to be processed. We just did a marathon run tonight trying to get through some more. Thank goodness for my colleagues at work that like to eat chicken! We are actually selling the birds... all the more room for those red hens to stretch their legs, and hopefully - start thinking about where they want to lay their eggs!