Friday, August 31, 2007

We said some goodbyes in August

Last weekend, we (finally) finished processing our first batch of broilers. We have sold many of them, eaten a few ourselves, and still have about 17 to sell. That means, in the morning when we go out to move the sheep and feed the chickens - there are no ornery white ones there, no more morning rooster crowing as the sun comes up. The reds are there, and the funny turkeys are there, but we have said goodbye to all our white chickens.
And last night, Margaret said goodbye to 4 of her miniature horses. Kirsten and I were there to assist - we brushed them all, we put their halters on and we talked about them and petted them until their new owner came with her trailer. We helped load them up, gave them some hay and some treats and we said goodbye. We all cried, but these were Margaret's babies. It was really hard for her to say goodbye. Picasso didn't seem phased, or maybe just stunned. Wiley went nuts wondering where his little friends were going. So last night we said goodbye to Angel, Starlight, Donny and Lazarus. They are going to a really good home, and the new owner is even going to breed Angel and Starlight. They will be missed.

Hobbes with Lazarus and Starlight

Angel, Picasso, Donny and Wiley's legs