Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Aspen Ruggerfest

While our other halves were off refereeing and touch judging the Aspen Ruggerfest rugby tournament, Erin and I took off for the day and went hiking at the Maroon Bells near the Aspen Highlands. First, I have to say that ski towns are interesting when there is no snow - and it's a whole different experience in the off-season. Anyhow, here are some pictures of our walk about at the Maroon Bells. Seriously, I told Erin and Larry that if I had had my Leatherman with me, I may have run off into the woods and figured out a way to live amongst the aspens and he marmots, because this place was just that beautiful, I didn't want to leave!

I swear I'm smiling! Just squinting in the sun at the same time, is all!

Erin said this is one of the most photographed views in all of Colorado. Can you see why?

Beautiful pines, and the Aspens turning yellow for Fall!

Even though these are Aspens, the tall trees on the trail made me feel like I was home.

Aspen logs washed ashore on Crater Lake. Could have been brought down by an avalanche, a heavy storm, lightning strikes... who knows. The heavy winds seem to push them all onto the shore.