Friday, September 7, 2007

Horses in the Back Yard

Yeah, I didn't mean we could see them from the back yard. I meant they were in it. Larry left the back yard pasture gate open. Probably never thought these guys would come in. But I looked up and saw a horse tooshie in the yard. They did a great job of mowing the lawn for us, but we needed to shoo them back home. It was kind of funny!

Speaking of back is the view from the back deck. You have to get the right angle between the Linden trees, but you can see Mount Meeker and Long's Peak in the background. I'll try to get a better picture of the view from the pasture. Now, I can't complain about all the trees in our yard - they help keep the house cool, and they make me sort of feel like I am home. No oaks, but these Lindens are pretty. The only problem is, whoever planted them years ago, didn't think about what would happen when they GREW! They really do block the beautiful view of the Rockies. Larry has talked of taking one down, but I really can't fathom getting rid of a tree.