Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I am becoming a Coloradan

I still consider myself a Michigander, even though I have been here for over a year. Much to my husband's dismay, I still consider Michigan "home". True, my family (Larry) and my home (the farm) are here in Colorado, but there are still plenty of people I love in Michigan, and just a familiarity I don't have here yet. You know, the little things, like which Hospital is the best, and is there an Einstein Bagel at the next corner, and where the best breakfast joints are. Sigh. But I am becoming a Coloradan... slowly.

Signs I am becoming a Coloradan

  1. I take water very seriously. Very. I never ever ever pour water down the sink. I drink it, or I give it to houseplants, or outside to the yard. Water is precious and should be used.
  2. We bought the Colorado Ski Pass... so we'll be doing a lot of skiing this year (hooray)
  3. I LOVE it when it rains!!
  4. I ride my bicycle to work
  5. I think nothing of it when I see others riding their bikes to work
  6. My skin has tanned. Not because I wanted it to. Because I am a mile closer to the sun!
  7. I never see squirrels anymore, and have gotten really used to it!
Signs I am still a Michigander
  1. When I dig in the yard, with the hopes of planting flowers or anything, I still expect to see beautiful, soft, black topsoil (and get disappointed everytime when I don't).
  2. Everytime someone mentions that they visited Detroit, I ask them if they had any good Middle Eastern food, and then get jealous if they did.
  3. I say "pop" and still get teased for it
  4. I can't believe it's 100 degrees in the summer
  5. I feel like a fish out of water, because there is no humidity here
  6. I actually USE my turn signal, and potholes don't surprise me
  7. I want more TREES! Where are the oaks and the maples? I want more!
The transition is still happening slowly. I am not sure I will ever 100% identify as a Coloradan. There is a lot of Michigan left in me. But I don't miss the crazy monkey squirrels that ate my tulip bulbs (and are eating Sherri's entire garden), I don't miss the potholes, and I do appreciate public transportation. Maybe one day I'll fit in. But I'll ALWAYS root for the Red Wings!