Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Honest to god, real live Jousting! Not play-actors, not a renaissance festival skit - real live Jousting. I saw it.

OK, I was an idiot and forgot to take my real digital camera, so these are all from my cell phone camera. Then, the files were too big to email from my camera to my email, so that didn't work. And then I found a USB cable that matched my phone, but no computer in the house would recognize my cell phone. THEN I discovered my PDA and my cell phone are both Bluetooth enabled. So I switched that one... transferred the files to my PDA, and then used the Sync to move them to the PC. SO don't dis the quality of these pics, it took a lot of techno mumbo jumbo to get them to you.

Margaret and I went to the Scottish-Irish festival in Estes park this weekend. It was the 31st year of the festival, and sorry DRFC - but it puts the Saline festival to shame. I found my Forbes clan tartan in a sash I can wear with Larry when he puts on his McPherson clan kilt for fancy dress. Margaret also found out that her clans were NOT at war with our clans (which is good, she was going to stop being friends with us) but she did find out her parents were from warring clans! It was fun... I finally got my Aran sweater that I never did buy in Ireland, and a new celtic knot wedding ring for Larry. But the bestest bestest part was the JOUSTING! REAL JOUSTING. It was the International Jousting Championships. and just to toss in a bit of trivia... apparently Jousting was banned 800 years ago in France, because one of their crowned princes died in a Jousting match. So blame THAT one on France! STINKERS!