Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tough Turkeys, Pregnant Sheep, Growing Pups

Just some new photos from my morning out on the pasture. The guy below is our one red rooster. Seeing as the reds are egg layers, this one was a surprise. But out of 50 hens, we only had one mistaken rooster. He crows in the morning sometimes. I really like him, he's got pretty green feathers in his tail. The problem will be when the girls start to lay, we will have to separate him. To me, that means putting him in the barn, or maybe in the fence with the sheep. To Larry, that means going in the stew pot. :(

When we move the chicken fence, we have to mow the fenceline, or the electric fence will fry the grass. We used the mower today, also to pull the chicken house to its new spot. We let the mower sit for a minute, and the chickens and turkeys swarmed it. They have to check out anything new in case it's food. Silly birds!
They'll eat anything. The turkeys especially love my wedding ring and peck at it all the time. They haven't figured it out yet.
Here are two Toms having a little discussion over who's tougher. We figured out who the turkey king is. It's the one with no poop on his tail. It's hard to tell from this picture, but their gobbles are turning really red, and their faces are turning PURPLE! But they look like turkeys now, don't they!
This is a female turkey. Just checking me out.
I turned around to head to the barn to get more chicken feed... and I turned around and found that all the turkeys were following me. Silly birds, indeed!
Here are the sheep. Laverne is doing yoga to scratch her ear. You can't tell from this picture, but we believe Laverne is pregnant. Shirley might be, too. We have no way of really knowing. But Laverne is a big girl. We think it might be twins . These sheep can have 1 to 3 lambs at a time, so who knows! We'll see in winter what comes out!Hi Atlas! No, the chicken food isn't for you, either!

Here are the boys having a moment. They are trying to plan what to do next... chase horses, chase chickens, chase turkeys, eat chicken food, play with Athena... so much fun to be had as a puppy!

Let's go get HOBBES!

Now that the puppies are almost the same size as him, Hobbes is willing to play with them. They had a good romp this morning and chased each other, rolled about in the pasture and wrestled until they were all so tired, they just collapsed.