Sunday, October 21, 2007

Inside the House

OK OK, people keep asking for pictures of the house. I have been hesitant to take indoor pictures because, even though we swore we'd get organized after we unpacked all the boxes, that just hasn't happened. Random cords stashed here, CDs laying about there, blankets just about everywhere... it's a mess. BUT, I gave up waiting to have a clean house to take pictures so here are some.

We have a split level house, so this is the family room down half a flight of steps. These are our new leather couches, and Grish says he doesn't care if there's dog hair on the floor, he'll sleep there anyway. You can just barely see the dining room table in the bottom of the picture. Without an actual formal dining room, we sort of stashed a table by the stairs and made one for ourselves.

This is the kitchen. It's big. And it's white. And someday we'll do something about that, but right now, we are living with it. And yes, I did the dishes today. I hate having dishes in the sink.
This is the living room, AKA the music room. The violin case is sitting on the piano bench. The guitars and my amps are underneath the front window. There is a lot of metal string in that room. Guitars and violins can't possible be under that much pressure, but I've been told that piano strings, all combined, are under 20 TONS of pressure. This, my friends, is why pianos are heavy. Not because of all the metal strings, but because of the large wooden board that has to be able to withstand all that pressure. And Larry harasses me about being particular about my piano. It's doing a lot of work, 24/7 to keep all those strings in line!
These two pictures are specifically for my friend Karen. This is the curio cabinet we bought from Margaret. It is now home to Larry's Japanese tea sets, as well as some chops sticks Amy and Sherri brought home for me on their trips to the island. As well as some paper figures that Yumi brought back on her recent trip home.

This is the antique dresser we also bought from Margaret. I like it. I don't yet know what to do with it, but it resides in the second spare bedroom upstairs. Which is also known as the blue room. Also known as the dog room (the only pictures in that room are of dogs) Also known as the room where we store our luggage.