Sunday, October 21, 2007

October Update

Saturday was SO much fun! Christine and I took Cole to the pumpkin patch and the petting zoo. I was so excited for the petting zoo. Now, I did get to pet a llama, which was REALLY cool. But then I realized.... that anything else they had at the zoo... I already had at home! And if I wanted to visit goats that didn't want me to pet them, I could just go next door! It was still fun.
I thought I would also give a puppy update. Those little rascals can climb almost any fence. They are no longer the little scaredy cats we brought home in July. Here is a picture of them shortly after we brought them home. They weighed about 20 pounds in this picture

And here is a picture I took yesterday. The little boogers are probably over 50 pounds now. They eat SOOO much food! But at least their fur grew back in OK, and their fur is amazing at sloughing off dirts and weeds and stuff. It's just those darn pickers they keep getting into! PUPPIES!
Saturday was great fun... until the sun rolled down. In came a HUGE windstorm, and this morning, I was awoken to hail. I wished I could have crawled into bed, but shortly after taking this photo, I noticed a turkey where he didn't belong. In the brutal wind of last night, 6 of our turkeys got blown out OVER the electric chicken fence. I saw some this morning and went to round them up. They aren't hard to round up, since they follow me where ever I go. But the real tragedy is that I didn't check on these guys during the night. I swear the turkeys are about 20 pounds themselves. I didn't think THEY would blow away. But they did. I found 4 this morning, and got them back to safety. I found what was left of the other two. There are some coyotes in the area with full bellies today, that's for sure. Larry says this is part of life on the farm. But I had a moment today... that even though I love the animals, even those rascally pups (who I had to chase, again, through barbed wire fencing) sometimes there is just too much death. All the broilers are gone. We lose a red hen about every 3rd day to some predator that can get through the electric fence. And now 2 turkeys became something's dinner. I found the carcass of one, and disposed of it. The other, I just found several piles of feathers in our neighbor's field, as well as blood. I know he struggled. And I'm sad I couldn't or didn't prevent it. Larry says that's what happens in the wild. But wild turkeys sleep in trees! Well, maybe not in last night's wind, but it made me sad nonetheless. So anyhow, the snow melted once the afternoon sun hit it, but just to be safe, I kept the sheep and the pups indoors for a bit this morning, in case those coyotes decided they wanted something bigger for lunch today.
Halloween is right around the corner. And our black cat, Schroediger, agreed with me today - that it was too cold to go outside, so he thought he should stay in and snuggle with a good, warm blanket.