Sunday, November 18, 2007

November Update - Turkey Day

For most people I know, Turkey Day is just a reference to the Thanksgiving Holiday. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, turkey day on Long Shadow Farm was the day our turkeys became thanksgiving feasts for several people in the area. We had happy buyers come today to buy their fresh, all natural, thanksgiving turkeys from us. Imagine that! They weighed less than we thought, at about 20 pounds each, with the Turkey King weighing in at 27. With the biggest birds falling prey to coyotes, who knows how much the real Turkey King would have weighed. The Rooster King also bid adieu today. I think I got a video of him crowing, as it is a sound I will miss. But, he will be coq al vin for us tomorrow night, which is better than the hens suffering months and years of his amorous torment. The hens are laying about 6 eggs a day for us right now. I have pictures of our first eggs, which are surprisingly large for first eggs, but our morning omelets are FANTASTIC! Enjoy the pictures!

As a size reference for how big our pups are (about 6 months right now) I thought I would get Hobbes in the picture. He is in the picture. He's laying on my lap in front of Goliath. Aptly named, as he almost blocks Hobbes out entirely. And he's no where near done growing. These pups even make ME look like a little hobbit.

This is the Turkey King. And his buddy, in the background, the Rooster King. They were fun to have around, and they are food for someone now. It was a long day getting them ready for "market", but it was their destiny. A couple people today thanked us for making their holidays extra special for them! That was sweet of them. I hope they enjoy the natural birds as much as we do.

This is our big rooster. I kept one of his pretty green tail feathers. I didn't want him to go. But he really was gettig rough with the hens, so Larry decided he needed to be dinner. This was my reminder that these are not pets. Sigh. So we said goodbye to our pretty rooster. Au Revoir, fella!

Silly turkeys, they have to try out anything in case it might be tasty food. This is 3 female turkeys getting a taste of Larry's bike. One even pecked the car today.

Schroediger, who had NOTHING to do with bird catching today, says it sounded exhausting and took a nap in our honor.

Grish would have liked to help out, but he also took a nap, instead.

Atlas says "Are you done yet? Can we play now?"

These are our first eggs! They are so yummy! We can't believe it, but fresh eggs from pastured birds taste SO much better than the ones at the grocery store!

One of our girls is laying some mighty big eggs! Look at that sucker!

OK, this is an awful video(as in, poor quality)... but I captured it more for the sounds than anything. What we have here are turkeys hanging out with me. They are making regular turkey sounds, which are far from the "gobble gobble" sound we all think they make. They HAVE gobbled, but more often they peep like this. In the beginning, you can also hear our rooster give out a good crow. They don't just do it in the morning. He did it ALL DAY long. I will miss him. The blue faced turkey is our ONE tom. He's curious about me, so I took some extra film of him. Enjoy the turkey sounds! I can't wait until spring when we get to do it all again!