Wednesday, November 7, 2007

October was a blur

But what a fun blur it was. I'll soon be posting pics of my adventures, as well as updated pictures of puppies who are growing faster than I thought possible. They are just too cute for words!

I had a great few weeks - came home for 2 MSU football games, which were fun, no matter the outcome. Really, truly, you gotta know I love Tailgating! I went to the SWE National Conference and saw a lot of great friends from all around the US, as well as my good friends from SWE Detroit. I got to hold lots of babies - teeny new babies, not so new babies, and play with toddlers of all ages. And even hang out with my friends who have yet unborn little ones. And I got to hang out for a night with the ladies on the town, and make a complete idiot of myself fueled by cosmos and chocolatinis. I had breakfast at some of my favorite breakfast joints, ate Buddy's pizza, middle eastern food (twice even) and even drove by my old house.

So thanks to everyone for putting up with me, keeping me company, welcoming me into your homes, letting me crash in your spare rooms, listening to my ridiculous stories about chickens, sheep, turkeys and very large puppies, and providing me with enough hugs to get through the holidays. It's good to be home again, now I have a house to clean!