Sunday, December 9, 2007

Skijoring - Farm Style

It snowed all day yesterday (and people keep telling me it doesn't snow that much in Colorado... feels like Michigan to me!) So here are our adventures in the snow!

Grish says, "Can we go play now? Please? There's SNOW! PLEASE?"

Goliath has a favorite toy. It's Ditka. Ditka doens't want to be Goliath's toy. Good thing he still has some speed to escape when he needs to.

Laverne and Shirley were happy to get outside today with the sun shining. Yesterday they weren't thrilled with the cloudy skies and unending snow. One of them is pregnant. Can you tell which one? I'll give you a hint - it's the ROUND ONE! That's Laverne... she should have her lamb(s) in January!

This is what happens after skijoring. All the dogs collapse and sleep for hours.

Now, skijoring takes an extra twist on the farm. We've done it before - hooked up Athena and Hobbes to harnesses and gone skijoring. Today, we also hooked up the bicycle trailer (yes, we have a trailer for our's for grocery shopping!) We took the trailer out to Eric's pasture and picked up a bale of hay to bring home for the sheep. They'll be happy! Athena and Hobbes weren't impressed with a heavy trailer!!