Friday, December 14, 2007

Snowy Snowy Snowy - Snow Snow Snow

Ah! How Stimpy loved the snow. And so do I, for the most part. It's been snowing all week. People have told me for over a YEAR now that it doens't snow that much on the front range. Well, you could have fooled me! It feels like Michigan here - lots of snow, slushy streets, very cold temperatures. Boy am I glad I have wool sweaters and warm boots!

So in the spirit of this winter snow, and things that make me feel like "home," I've noticed several other things in Colorado that are quite like Michigan...

  • First of all, I moved from Berkley, Michigan, to Berthoud, Colorado.
  • I moved from Bacon Street to Bothun Rd.
  • Berkley and Clawson, Michigan, are two of the only places in Michigan that have a drive-up A&W. Guess what? So does BERTHOUD!
  • Berthoud is a small town located between to bigger, well-known towns of Longmont and Loveland. Berkley was nestled between Royal Oak and Southfield.
  • Berthoud has a small downtown with: a cool pizza place with crazy pizza's(John Dough's), 1 great bar with a ton of beers (Clymers), one fancy restaurant (The Wayside Inn) with great food, and a sort of yucky little grocery store. BERKLEY was home to Amici's Pizza, The Berkley Front (for all the beers you could ever want!) and that nice new restaurant that took the place of the Bear's Den, and a sort of yucky little grocery store.
Interesting how I seemed to drift to something familiar in our new home out here. But I traded in my tall Oak and Maple trees for a view of the mountains. And right now, when they are covered in snow - they couldn't be more beautiful!