Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Barn is Made of Babies

OK, the barn isn't actually made of babies, but it's full of the right now! Last week we got another batch of baby chicks - mostly Production Reds to augment our egg production. I also got 5 Americaunas, those are the stripey/skunky ones you can see in the picture below.

I have also caved and named the lambs. Since their momma is Laverne, and their aunt is Shirley... yup, you guessed it, Lenny and Squiggy. This is Lenny. He's a little trouble maker. Not even a week old, and he's already running about, chasing chickens, hiding under the wagon, and getting into trouble.

This one is Squiggy. Not as much of a trouble maker, and tends to stay a little closer to mom than his brother. But still a little cutie.
This is a close up of one of my Americauna chickens. A variation on the Araunca breed, and I have probably spelled them both wrong. These are the chickens that lay green eggs. NO, not like Green Eggs and Ham, the eggs are normal on the inside, but the shells are varying shades of green. They are pretty cool. And this is the first of my "pet" chickens. I get to name these ones.
Now, I named a few of our production red when they were chicks - Susie was the smallest one, there was also Skunky, Stripey and Blondie. Now that they are all grown up, I have NO idea which is which! So I won't be naming any of the new Reds... and I do want to name my Americaunas... but I will wait until they grow up. If they have any special markings now, those might all be gone by the time they are adults. So we will see.

And since we are talking about babies... I might as well include the GPs. Goliath (foreground) and Atlas (background) are still only about 7 months old. They will have their first birthday in May. Atlas is a fabulous guard dog. He stays close, but doens't get in the way. He just keeps watch over the sheep. Goliath... well, he likes to sniff and check things out. He has gotten too close the lambs, and Laverne has let him know. He's a little scared of her now, as she likes to butt him around. That being said... the other evening, when I heard a chorus of coyotes in the next pasture, Goliath was straight away barking his face off at them. Atlas soon joined him, but not after I had gotten all the sheep safely in the barn.

Here are some bad videos...
This first one is short, but enough so you can hear the peeping of baby chicks. The heat lamps are on, so everything is tinted red, but I love the sound of chicks peeping.

This next one shows the lambs trying to eat hay at only 4 days old! Off to the side, you can hear Larry having words with Laverne, as she keeps trying to butt Goliath. You can't see poor Goliath, but you can see Laverne turning around and trying to go after him. You can also hear Larry stomping his foot at her to make her stop.