Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year - on the farm

We had a pleasant New Year's Gift this morning... 2 new baby lambs. Larry noticed yesterday that Laverne was ready to go into labor. So we bought some milk substitute (in case the lambs didn't drink) and some bottles, and gave the girls fresh hay. And we checked on her periodically. This is Laverne (foreground) and Shirley as of last night. She's a big girl, and she was ready to be a mama.

This is Miss Laverne this morning (chewing her cud, not screaming at me) with her little ones. We can't tell for sure, but we think they are both males. We were really hoping for females so we had more we could breed in the future. But we'll see...

If these are boys, I am not supposed to name them, because we will raise them for food. I am not supposed to name food animals. But this one has a white spot on its head. Yes, I named it, but I am keeping the name to myself.

This is the other sheep, with no white on its head. Yeah, I named it too. This one is trouble, already trying to get out of the stall... it followed me out shortly after this picture, and I had to scoop it back in.

This is Shirley, not the mama. She wants some attention too, and keeps poking her head straight into the camera. Either that, or my gloves smell like oats and she wants some. Either way, I am making sure to give her attention, too. She's helping Laverne out by nudging the little ones back to mama, and protecting them from the chickens!

Baby lambs trying to eat hay with their mom, Atlas watches

Goliath checks out the lambs, and Shirley puts one in its place