Monday, January 14, 2008

More pictures of our babies

Just some updates on the little and not so little young ones. Here are some weird close ups of the baby chicks. They are starting to stretch their legs and their wings. I call my Americaunas little Cleopatras from the markings around their eyes.

Some curious Reds who may have regretted coming over to check out my camera handle dangling about... it wasn't a worm.
Dinner time!
One of my Americaunas in a sea of Reds
This would be one of the not so little young ones. Baby Atlas and Baby Goliath had to have baths today. These dogs are white. But the ones that came to the house today were two-tone brown on white. It's been melting the last few days, and the pasture is mud. So into the tub they went. They didn't like it, but it wore them out.
Aunt Shirley is showing the boys the great wide world outside.
One big happy sheep family enjoying some sunshine this weekend.
The boys have had enough, and run back inside to their heated bed inside the barn.
Shirley stays outside, hoping that my hand is full of oats.
Inside the barn, Lenny contemplates chasing a chicken. He's been practicing butting the chickens around, just like he sees his momma do sometimes (when they try to roost in her hay!)