Sunday, January 27, 2008

Trying to say Goodbye

As most of you know, I found out some very bad news about my little dog just before Christmas. A month later, he is still with us. He hasn't gotten better, but he hasn't gotten worse. But I've been trying in my own way to make things a little better for him as his days are nearing an end. People who know me probably think I spoil my dogs already. Well... when they are dying, all the rules get thrown out the window. Here are some of the simple pleasures I am allowing my old man in his last days:

  • Ditka gets to come up on the couch - the new leather couches (much to the dismay of Hobbes who gets told you are only allowed on the couch if you are dying)
  • He gets table scraps and cooking scraps. Who cares if he learns how to beg now, he's 15.5 years old!
  • He gets treats. Ditka hangs out with me sometimes when Larry and the other dogs are out at pasture. Ditka gets a lot of treats when no one else is watching
  • Ditka gets to eat whatever dog food he wants. Puppy food? High energy food? Senior food?At this point, I just want him to keep eating. So if he turns his nose up at the senior food, I'll let him have something else
  • He doesn't get scolded for peeing in the house. This is a disciplinary offense if anyone else gets caught doing it. I just clean it up and don't mention a thing. hey, when you are over 100 years old and incontinent, do you need someone rubbing that in your face?
This isn't an extra treat, because all the dogs get it, but Ditka does get lots of snuggle time. Pets and hugs and belly rubs. I tried getting him his favorite toys, but he can't really hear the squeakers anymore, so they aren't fun for him. I may try to sneak him some rawhide, but those start fights with the big dogs, so it'd have to be something I give him when no one else has access to him. I'll be darned if I let Grish push my little guy around!!