Thursday, February 14, 2008

Silly Lamb Hijinx

Seriously, animals do the silliest things. Here are the latest pics and videos from the winter barn. Squiggy has decided he likes to climb IN the manger to eat. Silly Sheepy.

THis is Squiggy. Apparently he likes to stand in his food. He is standing under Larry's fabulous poop guard. See, the chickens LOVE to roost right there. They don't care where they poop. So we nailed in a plank of wood so the poop will land on the wood, and not in the sheep's food. The chickens also like to roost IN the manger to lay their eggs, so this keeps poop off the eggs too.

Aw! One big happy Sheep family having dinner together.

Try as he may, Lenny can't make it into the manger. You'll just have to eat your hay like everyone else. Stick to head butting the sheep, that's what you are good at Lenny!

This was little Squiggy on the day he was born. Quite a difference from the little fat fuzzball he is today!

You get to hear Laverne making some noises in this video and some moving around, but nothing exciting.

This is the first time I have seen Squiggy jump into the manger, so here is Squiggy's dinner routine, and me laughing at him while he does it. And a bit of Goliath at the beginning...loook at that face!!