Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have a new chicken. I got her from a lady in town who rescues ducks. She had some chickens, and all but one got eaten by a fox or something. This one was lonely, so I brought her home to be with all our chickens. I THINK she is a Black Astralorp. I'm not very unique, but with her black feathers with a deep green sheen, I named her Midnight. I can name her, because I can tell her apart!

We also just got my Buff Cochins and some turkeys... but we didn't make a safe enough brooder, and we already lost a bunch. Uh Oh.

Anyhow, here is Midnight and some other critter pics...

Atlas in the grass. I am using a zoom lens, as he is very far from me in this picture. Somehow the zoom gives it a better quality. Or maybe because he isn't in my face trying to sniff the camera.
Speaking of sniffing... Squiggy is sniffing to see if there is anything good in the manger - like oats, or if its just the same old hay...
Sunset on Long Shadow Farm - pups in the foreground coming in for dinner, Mount Meeker and Long's Peek back in the clouds.