Saturday, March 8, 2008

Silly Dog Pictures

OK, so last weekend I got out the camera and took some pictures of the dogs. I take weird pictures. But you know what? Someday - when all these dogs are gone, for Hobbes at least, I'll be able to go back and look at pictures of him... and his feet, and the back of his head. No one takes pictures of the back of a dog's head. Just me. Anyhow, I caught his paws on this picture-taking occasion.

Anyhow... People have asked for more pictures of Ditka. Here's one. Last weekend, it was 70 degrees outside. A little windy, but very sunny. So Ditka is squinting in the sun and the wind. He would barely open his eyes, it was so bright.

This is Hobbes and Alpine playing in the yard. Alpine stopped to scratch for a moment.
These are Alpine's paws. I was laying on the deck and he was standing right over me. It was easier to look at his paws, then up at his face, cause then I would have had to look in the sun, too.
This is Alpine, again. Staring adoringly out in the pasture, wishing he could go "play" with our sheep. Goliath is galliantly standing on the other side of the fence, making sure Alpine doesn't go anywhere near the sheep.
Ditka is meandering in the yard, look closely, and you'll see our other 3 dogs curled up in the shade. Athena and Grish even let Hobbes hang out in the shade with them!
Here's more of squinty Ditka looking into the wind and sun.
This is Hobbes, also squinting in the wind and the sun. HA HA, he's so funny.
Alpine decided to take a break in the shade - he picked a spot near the water bowl. Smart doggie!
A close up of Grish and Athena in their little shady spot.
And here they are... Hobbes' paws. My silly bear, he wears socks.