Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trying out our new toy

OK, this is a mish mash of pictures, but I was just trying out my new toy. Larry and I won a new digital camera at my work party last weekend. We had a casino night, and Larry was playing poker. He was doing well, and when they called for the 3rd place prize, he had more than doubled his monopoly money, and we won! It's a nice digital camera - picked out by my boss... whose real passion is photography. So really, it's a good digital camera. Anyhow, I thought I'd give some of the fancy settings a shot - so I tried my hand at some fast action sports, some close ups in the grass, and some night time snow shots... here's what happened.

Yup, Larry is still playing rugby. The cool thing about this camera, is that I can set it to a sports setting, and instead of waiting for each picture to save, I can take continuous photos. I almost always miss the few seconds Larry has the ball, unless he hits a long run. This way, I can catch those juke moves between passes...

Or, the moment he is about to touch a try down.

Or when he comes in for a tackle. Next time, all I have to do is maybe get off my duff and get some closer photos. Just not at Pleasant View. It is ALWAYS windy and miserable at that damn field!

With the "foliage" setting, I can get nice shots in the grass and stuff. It takes a nice clear and crisp shot of critters, and the stuff they are messing about it. Probably would take some amazing photos of flowers... give it a few weeks for them to bloom and I will try again. Schroed was helping me hang laundry. No, actually, he was stalking something. Thankfully, it wasn't the chickens.

Not an exciting photo, but Chickens don't sit well for photo shoots. I just like the clarity of her feathering and the details you can see. My other camera didn't do it this well. I'll have to try some shots of my Americaunas so you can see their coloring, too. Next time!!