Saturday, April 19, 2008

April Update

So, this is why we named our farm "Long Shadow Farm" - because our land is in the "shadow" of Long's Peak. Which is seen here. The peak in the front is called "Mount Meeker", and the rockier peak in the back is Long's Peak. It's also where the town of Longmont gets its name. Anyhow, I finally have a camera that can capture images of the Rocky Mountains in the far off distance. So here it is!

This is just a shot of Atlas and Goliath doing their morning fence patrol. They need to check in and make sure there are no critters, no birds, and to say good morning to any available horses along the fence.
These are just the sheep, trying to find a place to graze for breakfast.
Spring is finally springing. I found this lone daffodil in the front yard, There are tulips and muscari popping up, but no good blooms just yet. Lots of lily leaves, but no buds, and my tulip beds are showing real signs of life.
We are getting ready for the spring planting, and there is a lot of work to do. I tilled a patch of lawn for my strawberry and raspberry plants. They haven't arrived yet, but I'll be ready when they do. And we are waiting for the pasture to dry out some, and our neighbor is going to disc the land he turned over with the dozer. Once we disc it, we can till it and rake it, and cover it with compost from the sheep stall, and it will be ready to plant, too. OH, and we have to fence it off to keep the dogs and the sheep out of it so my plants can grow! I can't wait to start eating from the garden again!