Monday, April 14, 2008

For Sergeant's Fans

We have a new friend at the house. My friend and fellow MOI "alumna" has taken ill, and while she focuses on her wellbeing and healing, we are watching her precious boy, Sergeant. To Sergeant's fans - here are some pictures of him with his new friends on the farm. To all of Kristin and Larry's friends - yes, this means there are 7 dogs in our house. Don't call us crazy - we just love dogs. Sergeant is a gorgeous 6 year old German Shepherd, about the same size as Grish (but, you know, half his age!) He's a real sweetheart, and since grumpy Grish didn't object - he'll be staying with us for a while. Here are some pictures of our newest roommate!

What a gorgeous dog, with a sweet face. And look at that tongue!! It has a mind of its own!

Here are Hobbes, Grish and Sergeant watching Larry head to the barn... something exciting is going on, and they all want in on it!

Can we play in the pasture now, please please please please please please please...

Here are our watchful guardians, Goliath and Atlas... hiding in the shade of the chicken house - but still ever vigilant out on the pasture.

Larry is trying to get some work done out in the field, while the dogs all romp and play. Pictured here are Goliath, Grish, Sarge and Hobbes.

Thankfully, Sergeant doesn't seem at all interested in sheep. This makes the sheep very happy. This makes me very happy. This makes Atlas and Goliath very happy. Lots more time can be spent in the pasture going for walks and play time when everyone just lets the sheep be!

All the dogs are still trying to figure each other out. Goliath wants NOTHING more than to play with Sergeant. He tries and tries, but Sarge is not interested. Sergeant wants nothing more than to play with Hobbes... and Hobbes is suddenly acting like he's just too old to play anymore. So there's an unrequited love triangle going on... We'll have to see how it all works its way out.

Of course, Miss Athena might be terribly interested in playing with Sergeant. But at the moment, she's not allowed. This is not a case of the neighbor kids playing doctor with our dog. Athena got a nice cut on her leg, and is all stitched up. She needs to take it easy so her stitches can heal. For now, she is accompanying Larry to work during the day, so she isn't tempted to go play in the back yard. When she's given full clearance, we'll see if she and Sergeant can run around together and have some fun in the yard.

Of course, there still is little Ditka, who isn't pictured here. He's ancient. He never really did play with anyone, and he's just a little guy. Right now, I just have to make sure that Sergeant and Ditka eat out of the right bowls. They both seem to like to wait until all the dog bowls are full, and then try to find the food they find most interesting. Ditka has just been trying to stay out of the way. He's a little old dog in a sea of very big dogs... but he's still doing ok.