Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So... It's been about 10 months that we have had our house and our farm. We have done a lot of work in the farming arena - learning to raise chickens and turkeys and sheep. But we haven't had a lot of time for the house. It will probably never be a top priority. But, I seemed to start getting territorial over the winter. I needed a flag to place in the ground - something to do so I could claim this house as OURS. A kitchen remodel would have done the trick, but that's quite expensive. And Larry isn't ready to gut the downstairs bathroom and redo it. Patience, young grasshopper. So I decided to dive in with a cheap, one-person, do-it-while-Larry-is-playing-rugby project. PAINTING! All the rooms in this house are either white, butter yellow, and I think possibly a very pale pink. It's a tri-level, so not every room gets a ton of light and it is surrounded by trees. I think that's why the colors were so light. But I decided to get a little brave and see what a little color might do.

OK, this is just a boring tan hallway. It was yellow. Now it's tan. It's hard to take pictures of hallways.
This is the basement. It is soon to be Larry's office. The furniture is all wacky. It's that whole "do it by myself" thing. Larry had to help me move the furniture to the center of the room, so I could paint. Now I have to get him to help me move it back. Let's not talk of how spiders delayed this project. OH, and this was a failed attempt at a faux finish called "weaving." Didn't work at all. Which is why I had enough paint left over to paint the hall way upstairs.

This is the big spare bedroom. THIS is where I got brave. I decided I wanted to try a red. But not an entire red room. I'm not that brave. So I paired this terra-cotta type red with an olive color. Believe me, it actually goes with the color scheme. You can't see my comforter in these pictures, but both of these colors are in it, in stripes. Interestingly - Margaret left behind shades and curtains in this room that also matched the color scheme! I'm not sure if the pictures do it justice, but I dig it. Just the one wall is red. The other three are olive. I really like it!

This is the Blue Room. It already had blue roman shades in the window. And some how all my blue vases and decorations also ended up in this room. It also happens to be the "dog" room, and full of doggie pictures. If you look close, you'll even see some Ally in here! Anyhow, this was my first room, and the paint came free from a fellow freecycler.

I also tried a new concept this time around - environmentally friendly paint. There is a company that sells only to Home Depot (which is the only part I don't like) Their paint has NO VOCs in the base paint, and no VOCs in the colorant. It has a plastic recyclable pail, which is made from post-consumer recycled plastic, and even the paper label on the pail is from post-consumer recycled paper. SO - it sticks with my theme of trying to do the right thing for the environment. Larry says "heck no, no VOCs is the right thing for US!" It was a lot less stinky to paint. The paint took longer to dry, but that's no big deal. I really like the results... and I have enough paint left over to do the upstairs hallway, the bathroom.... and I am still trying to figure out what colors I can paint the living room.... hmmm - mahogany piano, sage green couch, maple shelves... what to do, what to do...

Until next time!