Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quick update

We celebrated Easter in Sterling. We drove out there and cooked dinner for Larry's dad, grandfather and great aunt(?) Betty. It was a really pleasant afternoon in Sterling! Here is a picture of Larry with his grandfather, who is 104 years old!
We've also been trying to work on the truck. This is a picture of Larry and a box of parts. Broken parts. once we got the engine out and Larry started pulling parts out, he discovered at least one broken rod. Uh oh!
Here's the big, dirty engine on a stand in the garage. It might make a nice paperweight or door stop?
This is the illustrious truck. The hood isn't screwed down right at the moment, because there is no engine in it. We need to do something about that, because I really like driving this beasty!
Last night, when I got home from work, Larry says, "Oh good, you are just in time!" For what, I had no idea. But apparently it was bath time. And this time it was for Atlas. He usually doesn't go and get muddy. So I still blame Goliath... probably pinned him in the swamp - for a few hours. It took 3 or 4 soapings, and a final scrub down in the shower to get him CLOSE to clean. Silly Atlas... stay out of the swamp!!