Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sergeant Likes Water!

So, I was working on my strawberry patch today. I decided to let Sergeant hang out with me while I forked the land. We took some trips to the barn and brought back compost and straw to cover the ground with. Well, once I got the land all prepped, I decided to water it so it'll be ready to go when my strawberries show up. Little did I know what our friend thought of the water hose. He LOVED IT. He kept jumping up into the stream, drinking the water and biting at it. He was soaked from head to toe, but was loving every minute of it. It was great fun on a nice hot day like today.

I finally had to put him into the garden so I could finish my strawberry patch. But I decided to water my tulips for just a second... he wasn't going to miss out, so we continued to play.
I thought maybe he would get tired. But then I forget, he's just a young lad at 6. He didn't get tired, and he didn't seem to care about being wet, either. He just couldn't leave that hose alone!
Yeah, my dogs don't do this. Most of them fear the water hose, as it usually means a bath is coming. This makes me wonder... what's it going to be like to give THIS guy a bath? At least he won't wimper and cry about it (Goliath and Atlas), try to pull away or wander off (Grish and Athena), but he also won't sit quietly, eyeing us like we are evil, but dealing with it anyhow (Hobbes and Ditka). I imagine he's going to make sure we are as wet as he is, soap suds and all.