Saturday, April 26, 2008

To Be or Not to Be...

Lots of things in the works these days... lots of decisions to be made. Some of the things we are mulling over or trying to decide to do (or not).

One of them is pet insurance. Athena cut her leg up pretty badly the other day. The emergency trip to the vet cost us $800. Well, there went most of our stimulus check. It made Larry think - what if the pups DO ever get in a fight with a coyote? Of course we would want to fix up our farm dogs, they are already invaluable to us, besides how much we love them. But $800 on an emergency trip to the vet? Maybe we should get insurance so that sort of thing is covered for them. We're still doing some research on that one. Turns out the AKC and the ASPCA both offer insurance. Since they are already respected organizations, they might be a good bet. So we'll see what we decide. Or maybe we just set aside $60 a month towards a Great Pyrenees fund and use it when we need it?

We are also trying to find a truck. We don't want to spend a ton of money. We already spent over $1000 on the F-100 we bought last year, and now it is just a bucket of bolts sitting in the driveway. It'll cost more to fix it than it's worth. We almost bought a 1990 F-250 today. Thankfully, not only did we take it to a mechanic - but Larry found the Chilton's book and looked up a couple of "simple" repairs we need to make on it... including 45 steps just to get the oil pan OFF.(23 to get it off, 22 to get it back on) Some of those steps included pulling out the radiator and taking off the intake manifold. Ridiculous. I'd hate to get another truck, blow out the engine, and have 2 buckets of bolts in the driveway. All we need now are some hound dogs to live underneath them, and we're really rednecks. So we are still debating some of the trucks we have seen - none are perfect, all must go to a mechanic before we take it home. So we'll see... I really miss my Sport Trac now!