Monday, May 5, 2008

1 Girl, 1 Tent, 4 Dogs - Who Survived?

I decided to go camping this weekend. Just me and my Dog. Well, me and my dogs... and Sergeant, well, and Alpine too.

Just me and 4 dogs and a tent. Good thing we have a lot of tents. Everything from a 1 person tent to a 4 people tent. I took a 3 person tent, thinking that Alpine and Sergeant equalled a whole person, and Hobbes and Ditka equalled a very small person - all together we would have some extra room. The lady at the campground asked me if I'd be warm enough - then I showed her my car full of dogs. I'd be warm alright! The real question was - could the tent survive Hobbes and Sergeant... I know what Hobbes can do to a tent! And could I survive all 4 dogs....

We did just fine and saw some wild life along the way. Can you believe, not a single dog barked at any of these critters? If they had, I never would have been able to take pictures... Which,of course, the pictures were taken either at the camp site, or along the road. There was no way I could carry a camera and 4 leashes at once!!

Happy Sergeant!

Hobbes "Why am I chained up? I don't get it?"

Alpine decided to rearrange some dirt with his nose.

Ditka is always happiest INSIDE the tent. "Can we nap now?"

OK, this was just a side photo on the drive home. This is the famous Stanley Hotel - I believe they filmed The Shining in this place. Creepy.