Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Friends in the Neighborhood

I took a day off today to shuttle a dog to the vet. While I was getting him in the car and getting ready to go, I get a call from Larry on his way to work. "Get the camera, and stop at Goose Hollow Road and take pictures, don't miss it"

So I grabbed the camera and headed out. These are the little guys I found. There are 3 kits that I saw, but only nabbed pictures of these two playing. We've seen the mother fox around a lot, but I didn't see her this morning. I am sure she wasn't far behind. Their den is obviously near here - and there's a little pond nearby that always has ducks and geese. And I think these guys are adorable, I just hope they never cross over to our pasture and discover our chickens! There won't be a fox in my henhouse!