Sunday, June 29, 2008

End of June Pictures

Atlas is hanging out in the shade with Lucy and Shirley. However, Lucy suddenly realizes that all her other young ewe friends are not with her in the shade and she can't quite see where they are! You wouldn't believe the noise she made trying to find them, but she did and she took off after them...

Of course, I was standing in her way, and she had to run around me, for fear of getting to close to me!

I know it takes forever to grow plants from direct seeding. But seeing as I don't have a greenhouse yet, that's my option. It may take longer, but it's so much fun to discover what is growing. Look at this little teeny tomato plant. Before I know it I'll be putting the cages up over these guys!

These made me even happier. In a big portion of my garden, I planted a lot of corn to help break up the clay soil. Between the corns, I planted pumpkins. They are already sprouting! Fall is going to be so much fun!

I had 2 of these beauties dancing around me all morning yesterday. They seemed to enjoy the freshly watered soil and were just flitting about as I weeded and planted more seeds. If butterflies eat bugs, then I love them even more.